RAMZAN ALI: Committed to provide civic amenities to Ward residents

Report by: 
Port Blair
10 Feb 2019

For Ramzan Ali, Councillor, Ward No-3, Anarkali welfare of his people come first and with this objective in mind, he has been striving hard to work for the betterment of the people since the day he was elected as Municipal Councillor. His thirst for providing basic municipal amenities to the people of his ward is his only goal. To accomplish this objective, he has been trying hard to earn the trust and confidence of the people by way of implementing development projects in his ward for the betterment of the people.
Speaking to EOI, Ramzan said it is important for the citizen to know who runs their city, especially since people votes for them. It allows citizens to rate their performance and vote accordingly. Ramzan never bothered about government job. “I had my confidence of my own people. The people of my ward supported me a lot and helped me during my bad times. After the last Municipal election, I was re-elected as Municipal Councillor. I took up this opportunity as a challenge and tried my level best to do something good for my people”, said Ramzan.
Listing out his main achievements, Ramzan said ensuring residents of the city get daily water supply, good road and provide basic amenities is his main objective.  During my tenure as Municipal Councillor, I had constructed several footpaths, RCC precast slab over drains, construction of drains, retaining walls, construction of culverts, renovation of CC motorable roads etc.  Ramzan has also installed garbage bins in his wards and have been requesting the public to dump their household garbage only in these garbage bins installed in various places in his ward.
Some of the ongoing works in his ward includes construction of footpath and drain from main road to Mr. Bose house at Anarkali, renovation of footpath from Mr. Hamza house to Mr. Shammed house at Phoenix Bay. Civil works that are remaining are construction of RCC retaining wall at Anarkali, providing and fixing GI pipe railing in various places in his ward and construction of drain-cum-retaining wall. These works are likely to be started soon as fund for the projects have already in allotted. Other important civic works, the Ward Councillor has planned to take up in the months to come includes 13 projects of laying of GI pipelines of about 1454 mtrs length, renovation of Anarkali Community Hall, installation of 200 dustbins in various places of his ward  and new municipal road works. One of the pending project, the Ward Councillor wanted to complete is a park for the senior citizen. The project for which the foundation was laid have been pending since 2004.
The Municipal Council has increased tremendously in terms of expansion of wards from 18 to 24, increase in the population of the city. With the increase of the city, demand for the basic amenities has also increased manifold. The infrastructure is also improving a lot in these cities.
The Council has done many things for the city and we have been relentlessly striving to develop the city infrastructure to match the needs of the people. As Ward Councillor, my focus is to  provide decent footpaths, closed drainage systems, smooth roads, parks and other basic amenities and to achieve this objective, I have been executing all planned projects as per schedule, said Ramzan.
His message to the people he urged the people to care about the civic sense and try their best to keep this city neat and clean. “Don’t’ dump garbage in the open as the Council has installed dustbins in various places in the city”, said Ramzan.