Rangachang villagers gherao ward, Samity members & ZP Adhyaksha

Report by: 
Port Blair
3 Dec 2017

Angry men, women and children assembled and gheraoed their Ward member, Samity member & ZP Adhyaksha demanding relaying of road which passes by Hotel park at ward no.1, Rangachang, 4, Beodnabad Panchayat which is in dire straits for last 15 years. Gram Sabha after Gram sabha, election after election, visits by previous by the then Deputy Commissioner on a signature campaign in December 2010, visits by the Human Right organisation, television channels, print news and thousands of pleas by hassled villagers has fallen on deaf ears for year after year with one repetitive reply, “No Funds.”
In the morning of 2nd December, when a senior citizen, Mr. Ramachandra injured himself after falling while walking on the said road, all hell broke loose. This was not an isolated incident, but a recurring one especially with the old, sick and children. Villagers took the issue on to them, congregated near the ATR road, called the Ward Member Mr. Paramshivam and gheroed him and demanded an answer. Mr. Paramshivam immediately took pictures of the irate crowd and WhatsApped  the Deputy Commissioner, South Andaman, who called back and talked to some villagers. Just then SAZP Adhyaksha arrived with Samity member, who too were asked for commitment from their side. When they heard the oft repeated line, “No funds, when it comes will do it”, the already incensed villagers got angrier, and shouting and screaming ensued. Sensing visible anger in the air, Ms. Fareeda promised to do the needful at the earliest as she is one of them, and her family belongs to the Panchayat.
Not satisfied with oral commitments, the villagers have decided sit on a ‘Dharna’ on the ATR road in protest on Monday if they do not receive an official commitment that the road will be laid within a stipulated time.