Ray accuses certain groups of misleading traders on GST

‘Tax reform for the honest, to bring uniformity in prices of commodities’
Report by: 
Port Blair
11 Jul 2017

The Member of Parliament, Mr Bishnu Pada Ray, lashed out on some influential people of these islands accusing them of misleading traders on GST legislation on Tuesday. Without naming anyone, Mr Ray claimed that some persons with vested interests are trying to impede the implementation of India’s biggest tax reform by running a disinformation campaign. “Traders of these islands should not fall to such misinformation campaigns as GST is for the benefit of those who pay taxes with honesty,” said Mr Ray addressing scribes.
“Of around 4000 traders in these islands, 1000 have already registered their business under the new tax regime. The remaining are in process to register under the Goods and Services Tax. Implementation of the GST will bring down prices of essential commodities while cost of building materials will go up. Commercial units with annual turnover of less than Rs 20 lakh will not come under GST while the remaining will have to register under the new tax regime. Prices of commodities will be uniform and no trader will be able to sell their products above the maximum retail price, which in turn, will make the market more competitive,” informed Mr Ray.
“GST has been implemented with the consensus of all States in the country, which was hoodwinked by lakhs of tax evaders for the past 70 years. The tax reform will bring uniformity in prices of commodities across the country. Even powerful countries like China is feeling intimidated after the implementation of GST in the country. The GST Council meeting is scheduled to meet in September this year to review the implementation of GST. The meeting is also likely to consider waiver on losses incurred after the implementation of GST in these islands,” the Member of Parliament said, adding that the Modi-government is resolute on developing the Andaman and Nicobar Islands on the levels of nations like Singapore.