Ray for additional accommodation facilities for islanders at mainland

Port Blair
17 May 2018

Following growing demand for Andaman Guest House in New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Vishakhapatnam by islanders mainly medical patients, students, on-duty government servants, sports persons and tribals, the Member of Parliament, Mr Bishnu Pada Ray has requested the Lt. Governor to consider construction of additional accommodation facilities near airports in Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. “There is no Andaman Guest House at Vishakhapatnam despite the operation of airlines and shipping service from Port Blair. The rule of restriction in occupation of room for merely three days to individual who are under treatment also needs to be revised at Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata considering the seriousness of medical cases. Online booking system may also be implemented in Delhi and Kolkata Andaman Guest Houses as being done in case of Chennai Guest House for better accessibility and transparency in the process,” said the Member of Parliament demanding a additional Andaman Guest Houses in Delhi. Chennai and Kolkata, New Guest House in Vishakhapatnam, extension of period of stay for room reservation in case of Medical patients and implementation of online reservation system at Andaman Guest Houses in New Delhi and Kolkata.