Ray bats for women-folk, advocates ‘Gujarat’ model for liquor sale

Sagaritara school mgmt expresses gratitude to MP for upgrade
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Port Blair
12 May 2017

“Decisions implemented by the local administration as per the policies of Modi-led government at Centre has started revealing positive signs of welfare for this territory. Ban on liquor sales along national and state highways after the Apex Court orders has been widely accepted by the islanders. There is opposition from certain corners, but I, as a public representative, will support women-folk across this territory, whose resistance towards relocation of ANIIDCO Wine shops is testimony towards the general sentiments of the overall population,” said Mr Bishnu Pada Ray on Friday.
Speaking to scribes, Mr Ray informed that he is scheduled to visit different parts of these islands to seek opinion from the masses over the decision of the local government to implement the Apex Court diktat on liquor ban. “We should consider following the Gujarat model, where special economic zones and other necessary steps have been taken to regulate sale of liquor,” he added. 
Present at the conference, Father Selvaraj of Sagaritara School hailed the Member of Parliament for supporting the school management for securing secondary school status for the institution. “We applied for upgradation in the year 2016, subsequent inspections went against us for want of some minor requirements. It was the Member of Parliament, who accompanied us to the office of the Prime Minister, Human Resource Minister at New Delhi after which our School was granted upgraded to the secondary level. Following the intervention of the Member of Parliament, the Central Board of Secondary Education has also amended its regulations that schools in North Eastern States, Daman & Diu, Lakshwadweep and Andaman and Nicobar Islands be grant special relaxation in terms of land requirements. The entire management is extremely indebted to the Member of Parliament and commit to provide quality education to our students,” said Father Selvaraj.