Red tailed green Rat Snake rescued from school at Chouldhari

Port Blair
14 Nov 2018

Forest workers of Manglutan Range rescued one big red tailed green Rat Snake from Chouldhari on Wednesday. The reptile was spotted at Government Primary School, Bloomsdale, Chouldhari at around 10 am today after which the Forest Department was informed. Forest Guard, Satyajit Halder reached the spot with his team and rescued the snake measuring around 2 mts and weighing around 2.5 kilos. The snake was later released into protected surroundings, as per reports.
The red-tailed green Rat Snake, is a species of snake in the family Colubridae known commonly as the arboreal ratsnake. The species is endemic to Southeast Asia. It is a robust powerful snake with wide smooth scales on its belly that are ideal for climbing trees and across branches. It has smaller, smooth scales on its back, which is usually bright green or light green and may have a black net-like pattern. A gray-colored morph with a yellow head exists in Panay, in the Philippines. As some of its common names indicate, the snake has a green body with a red tail, but is usually brown. It also has a dark line horizontally across the eye. On the sides of its black tongue there may be brown and blue colour. The top of the head may be dark green, yellow-green, or yellow in colour. (EOIC)