Relentless power-cuts riles Rangat

Report by: 
Port Blair
20 Jun 2017

While the islanders were expecting reprieve from power-pangs after the mercury levels came down with the onset of monsoon, the situation has proved to be otherwise at least for residents of Rangat in Middle Andaman. Daily doses of  black-outs, at times, for several hours in a day is presently taking a toll on the population here. Even directions from the top brass of  the administration to ensure proper power supply to the residents appears to have fallen on deaf ears. The Electricity Department here claims to have achieved cent percent electrification in these islands, but prolonged and unscheduled power shutdowns in remote regions make a mockery of such claims. “Rangat in Middle Andaman is a glaring case in point with the residents of  the area grappling under more than eight hours in a day. Despite orders from the seniors in the administration, the Power Unit has failed to undertake necessary repairs of the DG sets here,” said a resident of Rangat.
“Load shedding throughout the day and night has been a routine here. Office works are hampered badly as computers, other equipment don’t work. The government employees literally sweat it out in the offices during the eight hour mandated period. Some even resort to taking leaves to avoid slogging under miserable conditions. Even commercial activities are taking a hit. If there is no power, cooking and other vital appliances won't work and hotel owners here cannot afford a generator with their little earnings. Power-cuts have become unprecedented over the past few days, but the power department, it seems, care two hoots about the plight of the people here,” said some others.