Residents piqued over redundant community toilet facility at Japan road

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Port Blair
18 Dec 2017

While the local government is striving to implement the Swachh Bharat Mission launched by the Modi-government, a wasted community facility in Dairyfarm exposes the slack approach of the civic body towards ensuring adequate public toilets in densely populated areas in the city. The Community Toilet at Japan Road, Dairyfarm under Ward no. 15 benefited a sizable population in the area after its launch around a decade ago. But for want of some minor repairs, the facility has remained a deserted structure for the past eight years.
According to reports, the Community Toilet at Japan Road has several lavatories, urinals including bath facilities for both men and women and served a sizable population in the thickly populated Dairyfarm region where many households lacked individual toilets earlier. After an accident around 7 years ago, the civic body has completely disowned its responsibility to ensure proper maintenance of the civic toilet. A building near the community toilet collapsed during heavy rains damaging the pipeline network, bathroom fittings, walls and water tank of the structure. But no Councilor of the Municipal Council from either the then Congress rule or the present BJP came forward with a proposal for repair of the structure for the benefit of the population.
“There are around 6 lavatories each for men and women, besides urinals and bathroom in this massive Public Toilet complex all of which are now defunct because of non-availability of the facility, people are forced to urinate on the roadside.  In response to our repeated pleas, all we’ve received for the past several years is bogus assurances from the authorities in the Port Blair Municipal Council. While on one hand the central government has spearheaded the 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan', on the other, such unhygienic conditions prevail here. Just for want of minor repairs, the facility has been laid-off for the past several years. Even the elected Councillor from this Ward is seldom seen interacting with residents and take stock of their concerns. While other Municipal Wards are witnessing development as proactive Councillors take up relevant issues promptly with the authorities, Ward no. 15 has remained neglected for the past 3 years. The civic body should initiate necessary steps to press the facility into service for the community at the earliest,” said some Japan road residents.