Scuba diving camp for NCC cadets

Port Blair
24 Aug 2017

Scuba diving camp for the cadets of NCC group of Army and Navy was conducted by the Clearance Diving Unit (PBR) under the aegis of Naval Component Commander. The camp is being conducted from 21-25 Aug 17 with the aim of introducing the cadets to scuba and recreational diving. The camp aided the participants to develop and hone skills for adventure in the marine environment. The training imparted was divided in three phases. First phase was introduction to physiology of diving and the danger associated with diving in compressed air. Cadets were made familiar with the principle of laws of diving and safety regulations whilst diving underwater. Activities undertaken in the camp were free swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and recreational diving. Each cadet was given instructions by qualified Diving instructors from Clearance diving Unit (Port Blair), and every cadet was given ample opportunity to undertake each activity with complete confidence. Safety of the cadets was considered paramount whilst undertaking any of the diving activities.
Altogether, 21 cadets participated in the camp. The enthusiasm exhibited by the cadets for the camp was worth appreciating. Participants were observed to be whole heartedly interacted in the camp. Certificates of participation were distributed to the Cadets by the Naval Component Commander.