Serious allegations posted against ANC JCDA in GOI PG portal

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Port Blair
8 Aug 2017

An employee of the Area Accounts Office, Andaman and Nicobar Command here has leveled serious allegations against the Jt. Controller of Defence Accounts, Port Blair. In a series of complaints posted in the Public Grievance Portal of the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, Govt. of India, the employee accused R Arulanandan, IDAS, Joint Controller of Defence Accounts presently posted in the office of Area Accounts Office, Port Blair of abusing his official powers to claim around Rs 30,000 per month as transport allowance against his entitlement of Rs 3600. “The officer is not entitled for staff car with driver employed in a grade pay of Rs 7600, but he cleverly manages to hire vehicles from Naval Transport Pool, Command Transport Pool of Navy or from the Coast Guard authorities for passing payment bills of higher officers,” says one complaint.
In another complaint, the employee alleged that R Arulanandan has been misusing his official position and arbitrarily posts officers and staff to sensitive assignments favoring persons from his community. “Without giving due diligence to seniority, the official demands bribe to post staff in sensitive divisions.” Claiming misuse of government funds, the employee, in another complaint posted in the month of June this year, claimed that R Arulanandan diverted funds meant for Garbage bins and RO Treatment Plant sanctioned in the budget of 2015-16 and illegally constructed a glass house over the roof of garage at residential quarters of the agency located at Garacharma. “He also managed to install air conditioners in the hall and living area of the illegal structure meant exclusively for partying and relaxing,” said the employee.
“Two new MES formations namely GE Central, Port Blair and GE, Campbell Bay were raised in the year 2016-17, but till date R Arulanandan has not posted any Unit Accountant for GE Campbell Bay. Instead, he has ordered the Administrative Section to look after the duties and pass bills from the Administrative Section of Area Accounts Office, Port Blair, which is a wrong practice. The officer is not even entitled for Type-V accommodation whereas he is presently using 3 Air Conditioners and 2 Geysers in his Type-V accommodation at Garacharma by way of misusing his official powers.
In yet another complaint, the employee accused R Arulanandan of meting out harassment to female employees. “A female posted as Senior Auditor was transferred to a sensitive assignment which she refused owing to medical reasons. Her  representation for cancellation of the transfer was accepted by the CDA, IDS, New Delhi, but the official communication sent over email was deleted by R Arulanandan, who then used his influence to secure approval for upholding the transfer order. The woman was immediately relieved and posted to AO GE, North Minnie Bay division. In the month of June this year, the female employee was driven out of the chamber of the Accounts Officer when she approached the office with her grievance. The harassed woman consumed sleeping pills on the next day with the intention to commit suicide. Despite format complaints made to the Police and statements of other staff, the Police have till date not registered an FIR against R Arulanandan under relevant sections of the law,” said the employee.