Sewer line laid by popular eatery troubles residents of ALHW colony

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Port Blair
8 Dec 2017

The role the Port Blair Municipal Council has come under scanner for ignoring repeated requests for diversion of a sewer line throwing sewage into a prominent  residential colony in the city. Laid by the management of a popular restaurant, Icy Spicy at Junglighat, daily sewage overflow into the compound of ALHW Colony has reduced the residential area into a virtual dumpyard forcing inhabitants to live under abominable conditions. Irked by the state of affairs, residents submitted repeated complaints to the civic authorities, all of which have fallen on deaf ears.
According to information, the drainage pipeline laid by the private party through the backside compound wall of ALHW Colony at Junglighat and discharges sewage inside the residential colony. Continuous release of sewage including chemicals inside the colony has created insanitary conditions forcing residents to bear the stench emanating from the site. The colony has been turned into a breeding  ground for mosquitoes while sewage enters into houses of the colony at times of overflow. “Initially we didn’t realize the intensity of the problem that was laid in store. The owner of the restaurant connected the sewer line to the storm water drain inside the colony here. The kitchen of the restaurant runs 24x7 and sewage is released continuously into the drain. The heavy discharge of sewage causes overflowing and choking of the drain. The sewage gets stagnated during overflow and enters into houses nearby. The problem has increased manifold in the recent months. When we block the sewage pipeline, the hotel staff  drill holes in the compound wall and again release sewage into the drain,” said a resident of the colony.
“Presently the residents of ALHW Colony are forced to live under extreme insanitary conditions. The area has become breeding ground of mosquitoes and sewage often enters into houses located nearby the drain. The foul smell emanating from the spot has made life miserable for the residents here. The situation has increased the risk of contracting diseases for the residents. However, the Municipal Council has failed to take remedial measures despite repeated complaints submitted by us. The civic body should take immediate steps to diver the sewer line to an appropriate place in the interest of the residents,” said Mr SK Roy, Administrative Officer of ALHW.
As per reports, the Ambassador of Swachh Bharat Mission, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Mr Naresh Chander Lall inspected the colony recently. Explaining the prevailing insanitary conditions, Mr SK Roy urged the Swachhta Ambassador to take up the issue with the concerned authorities to which the latter assured time-bound action.