Smoke from Brookshabad dumpyard risks health of MGIS students

Report by: 
Port Blair
28 Feb 2017

For hundreds of students of Mahatma Gandhi International School, it is dismal life studying at an institution close to city’s main dumpyard. Extensive quarry operations, dumping and disposal of garbage, round the clock burning of garbage, air thick with smoke and stench encompassing the school campus and adjoining residential areas is posing serious health hazards for the school students. Worst affected are the inmates of the Boarding School who are forced to bear the abominable 24x7 throughout the academic year. Parents, who admitted their wards in the institution, have now started voicing demands for a permanent solution and shifting the dumpyard to some other location in the interest of the students and residents of the area.  
“The thick smoke around the school premises which prevails throughout the day due to continuous burning of garbage poses serious health hazards. Students and staff are being exposed to long-term health risks from exposure to dust, smoke such as bronchitis, asthma and, in extreme cases, cancer. During school hours, students often complain of suffocation, headache after inhaling the smoke emitted from burning of different types of garbage. Inmates of the school’s hostel are the most affected. The school management is under extreme pressure from parents, who are demanding a permanent solution to the problem. Residents of nearby localities around the garbage dumpyard have also complained to the civic authorities about the perilous conditions in the past, but to no avail,” said a staff of MGIS, who didn’t wish to be quoted.