Spl. rebate on payment of property tax

Port Blair
20 Jul 2018

Revised method of Property Tax has been implemented by Port Blair Municipal Council from last year w.e.f 01.04.2017.  The total property tax, calculated as per Unit Area Rental Value method on covered area of the building. The definition of “Covered area” means total area covered by the building at ground level and at each floor level but does not include garden, rockery, well and well structures, plant nursery, water pool, swimming pool (if uncovered) platform round a tree, tank, foundations, bench chabutra with open top and unenclosed sides by walls and the like, drainage, culvert, conduit, catch pit, gullypi, chamber, gutter and the like, compound wall, gate unstoreyed porch and portico, slide, swing, uncovered staircases, ramps, areas covered by sunshade and the like and watchman’s booth, pump house, garbage shaft, electric cabin or sub-stations and such other utility structures meant for the services of the building under consideration. Special rebate of 10% is allowed for early payment of Property tax for the year 2018-19.  Therefore, all the citizens have been requested to remit the dues by availing the rebate of 10% till 31.07.2018.