Stress laid on security, holistic development of isles

Administrator’s Advisory Council meeting held
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Port Blair
17 Nov 2017

The meeting of the Administrator’s Advisory Council, A&N Islands was held in the conference hall of Megapode Resort here this afternoon under the chairmanship of the Lt. Governor, A&N Islands, Admiral D. K. Joshi, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, NM, VSM (Retd.). The Member of Parliament, Mr Bishnu Pada Ray, Chief Secretary, A&N Administration, Mr Anindo Majumdar, PBMC Chairperson, Mr Indra Pal Singh, Adhyaksha, ZPSA, Smti Baby Fareeda, Adhyaksha, ZPNMA, Smti Kalpana Bain, representatives of political parties, PRIs and PBMC, besides senior officers of the Administration attended this meeting.
          Speaking on the occasion, the Lt. Governor said, this meeting will be held on a regular basis now onwards as all agenda and broad policy issues for the holistic development of the Islands are discussed during this meeting. Thanking the participants for their valuable suggestions, the Lt. Governor said, all issues raised by them and their suggestions have been noted. All proposals will be discussed and the appropriate ones will be taken up for implementation. He also urged the officers of the Administration to conduct more outreach visits. Taking note that most people present in today’s meeting highlighted about the issues of shipping services, the Lt. Governor said, additional ships will start joining the fleet of our Shipping Service from next year onwards. Power sector, he said, will be strengthened by putting in place a feasible mixture of all sources of energy. Regarding Tourism, he said, the NITI Aayog has agreed for opening more Islands for tourism purpose in A&N Islands. About connectivity issue, the Lt. Governor said, the undersea Optical Fibre Cable project is expected to materialize by December 2018 and the Administration is making every effort in this regard.
          The Member of Parliament, Mr Bishnu Pada Ray through a power point presentation highlighted matters concerning the security of the Islands, especially that of illegal immigration. He urged for setting up of a strong mechanism to prevent such immigrants and activities of certain dubious organizations. The Panchayats should maintain records of newly arrived people; while containers at the export as well as arrival points should also be scanned to keep away unwanted materials from coming into the Isles, the MP said. He said, a Surveillance Committee should be involved in identifying the immigrants; while local agencies must coordinate in handling poaching activities in the Islands. He suggested for creating Lookout Posts in the Islands.
          Expressing his views, the PBMC Chairperson, Shri IP Singh requested the Administration for raising the fund allocated to PBMC in view of the fact that the number of wards have gone up from earlier 18 to now 24. He also requested for granting one time relaxation to all building violators which will enable the PBMC to earn some revenue by way of imposing fine for such relaxation. He also urged for waiving off the water charges that PBMC owes to APWD, regularization of casual labours of PBMC etc.
          The Adhyaksha, ZPNMA, Smti Kalpana Bain requested for implementing solar power projects in North & Middle Andaman besides creation of recreational parks, facilites of water sports activities including swimming pool etc. She also requested for constructing a bridge between Kalighat and Nishchintapur and berthing of Kolkata bound ships to Diglipur.
          The State President, BJP, Mr Vishal Jolly while speaking advocated for involving bigger agencies for handling immigration issues. He also suggested for procuring the rice grown by Isles’ farmers by the Civil Supplies Department for distribution under PDS in Isles. Shri Jolly also requested the Administration for increasing the old age, handicapped and destitute pensions from the present Rs. 2000 to Rs. 4000 per month. He also urged the Administration to fill up the vacant posts in various Departments, particularly the Revenue Department.