Talk on application of Archaeozoology at JNRM

Port Blair
13 Apr 2018

A talk on ‘Application of Archaeozoology for studying past heritage with reference to A&N Islands’ was delivered on Friday at the Lecture Gallery, JNRM by Prof. Arati Deshpande-Mukherjee, Department of Ancient Indian History and Archaeology, Deccan College Post Graduate & Research Institute, Pune. She gave a detailed presentation on the importance of archaeozoology in understanding & appreciating the rich cultural heritage of our country. She mentioned that archaeozoology is currently being used to reconstruct the past faunal diversity, dietary habits, socio-religious aspects of the earliest inhabitants.
Citing various examples, she highlighted that archaezoology can be instrumental in understanding and reconstructing the cultural practices and lifestyle of the ancient tribes of these islands. Earlier welcoming the gathering, Dr. N Francis Xavier, Principal, JNRM mentioned that scientific study of different kind of practices such as ‘kitchen middens’ by the tribes of A&N Islands will immensely help in understanding their past heritage. The programme was attended by more than 200 students and faculty members from different departments. The vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. J. Goutham, Asst. Prof & HOD in Zoology, JNRM.