With temperatures rising, demand for fresh fruit juices up in city

Report by: 
Port Blair
31 Mar 2018

With mercury levels on the rise, sale of fresh fruit juices particularly tender coconut, sugarcane, lemon and other soft drinks like lassi etc is on the up-graph these days in the city and elsewhere. Major juice centres in the city including roadside vendors at Aberdeen Bazar, Junglighat, School Line, Bhatu Basti areas can be seen swarmed with customers throughout the day as the rainy season is expected to make a call here sometime in mid May this year. However, lack of interest of agencies like Industries, ANIIDCO, Tourism Dept. etc towards extending support and help in promoting sale and enterprise of private fruit juice vendors, which in turn, in making holes in the pockets of consumers, is drawing flak for the local government.
If versions of ordinary people are any indication, fruit juice centres run by government agencies to vend fresh juice, tender coconut water, lassi, sugarcane juice etc to beat the heat can become an instant hit among tourists and locals alike as limited numbers of such stalls are operated by private parties in the city. “Private juice stalls charge as per their whims and fancies, there is no price regulation. Similar is the case with roadside vendors. If at all the local administration in unable to set up such juice joints by itself, support to existing private stalls by way of subsidy in supplies of locally available produce, raw materials etc can go a long way in promoting local agri. products and regulating prices. Many people prefer fresh juices, tender coconut water etc to beat the heat. Roadside fruit juice vendors and other such centres remain packed throughout the day as the mercury levels rise in the city. There is a great demand for fresh juice set up on the roadsides. Such being the state, government run fresh juice centres, if set up, can become major revenue generation sources as well,” opine residents of School Line.