Traffic chaos prevails in busy city roads, police unable to tackle situation

Port Blair
19 Apr 2017

Nestled placidly in the Bay of Bengal, the city of Port Blair over the years has become the hub of myriad activities making it one of the bubbling habitats of this union territory. Inter-island connectivity apart, the city boasts of a well laid out arteries of roads for local transportation. These roads  are now throbbing with all kinds of vehicular traffic. Increase of vehicular population has converted the city into a quagmire traffic chaos.
Despite best of efforts by the municipal authorities and traffic police, chaotic condition continues to prevail in the busy city roads as motorists as well as pedestrian find it hard to negotiate with the daily dose of drudgery. The usual rush hour queues worsened as congestion are reported from some of the city’s busiest roads. Vehicles, both four wheelers and two wheelers can be seen parked on both sides of the roads in all busy roads of the city from morning to late in the evening at Junglighat and elsewhere. The stretch of roads from the A&N State Cooperative Bank to Delanipur  junction, Goalghar to Junglighat and Aberdeen Bazaar witnessing busy daily traffic.  

Haphazard parking in the city roads still remain the biggest problems in free movement of vehicular traffic leading to road jam in many places. Despite rigorous efforts by traffic police, they have not been able to gain any fruitful results. Motorists park their vehicles on the middle of the road and go for shopping without bothering about the chaos and  in most of the places, absence of traffic police has compounded the problem as no action is being taken against these motorists, indulging in haphazard parking on both sides of the roads.

The arterial roads leading from Goalghar to Junglighat, remains choked with vehicles especially during busy hours. Road remains congested with vehicles parked on both sides of the road. Though sufficient parking lots have been developed in many places in this stretch of road, motorists have developed a habit to park their vehicles on the road itself. In order to curb this traffic menace, the  traffic police have to act very hard. There is a need on the part of the traffic police to launch an intensive drives against motorists violating the parking rules. (EOIC)