Traffic Police to enforce norm, violators to face stringent action: Dy. SP Ummar

Errant road users say ‘No’ to ‘No Parking’ fiat
Report by: 
Port Blair
23 Mar 2017

Recent declaration of ‘No Parking’ zones in the city seems to have made minimal impact if initial days following the notification are any indication. Your correspondent, while travelling around the city, noticed flagrant violation of the instructions with vehicles of almost all categories parked in unauthorized places. The Traffic Police is, however, resolute to implement the fiat of the Additional District Magistrate, South Andaman as strict measures have now become imperative to decongest the city reeling under burgeoning vehicular population.
The initiative of the Traffic Police to discipline parking rogues, who misuse road space and cause inconvenience to others, was expected to deliver encouraging results, but has failed to rein in the violations. While the ever growing volume of vehicles in the city poses a serious challenge to the Traffic Police, roadside parking of vehicles in congested areas of the city narrowing down space on roads has made the matters worse. Clamping wheels, locking two-wheelers with chains and imposing fine hardly made any impact on persons parking their vehicles in unauthorized places in the past. As a result, the Additional District Magistrate, South Andaman, recently, notified ‘No Parking’ Zones in the city, to instill better road sense among citizens and improve the traffic conditions in the city. But violations still continue unabated.
Four-wheelers, two-wheelers, autos can be seen parked right in front of the ‘No Parking’ signboard installed by the Traffic Police. “Announcement of ‘No Parking’ zone in the city is a welcome step by the District Administration as unauthorized parking of vehicles is one major reason for congestion in the roads today. If every motorist adhere to the instructions contained in the notification and desist from parking their vehicles in the ‘No Parking’ zones, traffic condition in the city will witness significant improvement. Apart of  some law-abiding citizens, there are many who open violate the traffic violations. Despite installation of ‘No Parking’ signboards at various places in the city, vehicle owners park their vehicles right in front of the signboard. Unauthorized parking, besides causing inconvenience to others, also increase the risk of mishaps and the Traffic Police should ensure strict enforcement of the recently notification,” said some residents of Junglighat.    
“A series of initiatives by the Andaman and Nicobar Police notwithstanding, several road users in the city continue to flout traffic rules,” admitted the Deputy Superintendent of Police (Traffic), Mr M Ummar. “Instead of instilling better traffic sense, vehicle owners remove the ‘NO’ tag from the ‘No Parking’ signboard and park their vehicles there. Owing to such misbehaviours, the Traffic Police has now decided to replace the Sticker Boards with Paint Boards.”
“The Traffic Police is fully geared up to implement the ‘No Parking’ zone diktat. Presently loud speaker announcements are being made to warn people from parking their vehicles in unauthorized places and in a couple of days, a extensive drive will be launched to punish violators of parking norms. Vehicles found parked at ‘No Parking’ zones will be clamped and towed to the Police Station from where the owners will have to obtain it back after paying the requisite penalty,” added Mr Ummar urging the cooperation of the general public to improve traffic conditions in the city.