Tree crashes on truck near civic headquarters

Report by: 
Port Blair
11 Dec 2017

A mishap was averted on Monday when huge branches of a tree came down crashing on a moving truck at Aberdeen Bazar near the rear side entrance of the Municipal Council. According to reports, the body of the truck touched the branches of the tree, which caused the branches to fall down over the truck. No one, however, suffered any injuries in the accident reported in the evening hours.
According to a security guard, similar incident was also reported in the morning hours. “Another truck crossing the area also came in contact with the tree branches after which also came down crashing on the truck. Municipal workers rushed to the aid of the driver and removed the vehicle from the spot. “The concerned agencies should take necessary steps to remove the old tree or prune dangerous branches to prevent any major mishap. Attention should also be paid to other trees located along the roads in the city,” said a municipal worker.