Trng on girl child rights by BGN

Port Blair
18 May 2017

Butterflies Gender Network (BGN) organised a training on ‘Girl Child Legal and Constitutional Rights’ at Attam Pahad, South Andaman on Wednesday. Children from Wimberlygunj, Bambooflat, New Manglutan, Lal Pahad, Mithakhadi and Atam Pahad attended the training. The training was provided by Butterflies Field Coordinator of South Andaman, Ms Latika Singh.
In the afternoon an open interaction between children and important Govt. departments working in the field of child rights & protection was facilitated. The interaction was attended by Smt Kiran Tigga, Chairperson of Union Territory Commission for Protection of Child Rights (UTCPCR), Smt Geeta Raj, UTCPCR member, Mr Sujit, Child Welfare Committee member, Smt Menka, Centre Coordinator, Prayas (Child line), Ms Sukanya, Prayas Field Worker. Children were informed on the functions and procedures of UTCPCR, Child line, CWC and JJB. Children also shared the child protection issues they face in their communities, to which they were assured by Smt Kiran Tigga that UTCPCR will support Butterflies in addressing the issues. Workshop concluded with CWC, Child Line & UTCPCR extending their full support to Butterflies’ children in addressing child rights & protection issues.
Butterflies Gender Network is a group of adolescent children who identify & try to address the Gender related issues in their communities. Butterflies build their capacity by organizing various trainings & workshops for the network.