Tuskers block traffic on ATR in North Andaman

Port Blair
13 Aug 2018

Lumbering activities using elephants along the Andaman Trunk Road (National Highway) in North Andaman continues to cause unrest among commuters. On Monday, traffic on the arterial stretch from Tugapur to Nimbudera remained blocked for several hours after tuskers were spotted at a location near Kainchi Nallah jungle reserve. As per reports, private vehicles and passenger buses stood bumper to bumper for many hours from 7 am today till the elephants vanished in the jungles. “The Forest Department has become habitual to carry out lumbering activities during peak traffic on the ATR road between Budda Nallah and Rest Camp. Many a time, elephants are found on the main blocking traffic and commuters are left stranded. Officials of the Forest Department particularly Rangers, Deputy Rangers etc should be directed to supervise the activities in person to prevent harassment to ATR commuters,” said a STS passenger. (EOIC)