Unruly marriage processions invite ire of city residents

Report by: 
Port Blair
5 Jun 2017

Marriages are said to be divine and rituals associated as meant to invoke blessings; but for nasty marriage processions, the customs have been inviting the ire of ordinary road users in the city. In total abuse of guidelines imposed by the district administration, ordinary residents are forced to suffer traffic snarls, horrible bursting of fire crackers on main roads. Limitations imposed by the local administration on marriage convoys to reduce public disturbance and ensure hassle-free traffic is being flouted right under the nose of the authorities and citizens are forced to bear with the unwarranted chaos created by revelers of a marriage ceremony.
As per the orders of the administration, marriage processions should consist of limited number of vehicles including both two and four-wheelers. Prior approval of the concerned authorities for the route of the procession was made mandatory for such events to ensure the general public is not disturbed and normal traffic in the city is not affected. But as per reports, the order is not being followed in the city. One can see marriage revelers taking the roads on rampage during their procession. Bursting of crackers, deafening music and routine boogie halts upset ordinary road users and leads to traffic snarls. Bursting of crackers and throwing them on ordinary road users have created a furor among citizens. In many cases, road users were injured due to such indiscriminate bursting of crackers.
“The regulation, when imposed, brought a huge sigh of relief for the residents, but to their dismay, it turned out to be shot-lived. The burgeoning vehicular population in the city is already causing numerous problems to road users due to shrinking space and the chaos created during marriage processions is only adding to the woes. The top brass of the administration should ensure that the rules of marriage processions are implemented strictly. While marriage processions are joy for a group of residents, it should not turn out to be devastating for others. The chief of the Andaman and Nicobar Police should also issue necessary instructions to the traffic unit to take stringent action against violation of norms and people of marriage processions causing inconvenience to others,” demanded some residents of the city.