VC Pondicherry University visits ANI

Port Blair
28 Dec 2017

Prof. Gurmeet Singh, Vice Chancellor, Pondicherry Central University is currently on 4 days visit to these islands from 27th December 2017. He visited National Memorial Cellular Jail and paid tribute to the freedom fighters at Martyrs Column. In the evening, he visited Brookshabad campus of Pondicherry University and expressed his happiness on the infrastructural facilities available in the campus. On 28th December 2017, he met all the Principals/Heads of JNRM, TGCE, ANIIMS, MGGC, ANCOL, DBRAIT, Andaman Law College, IMRC and Department of Marine Biology and Ocean Studies and Disaster Management, Brookshabad. He stressed upon providing quality education and promoting research culture in the respective institutions. He assured all possible assistance from the University for research in various fields. He also encouraged the Heads of Institutions to come forward with the new ideas/best practices in their respective field of Higher Educations and assured that he will try to address all the issues pertaining to the institutions of these islands.
During his visit to different Colleges, he visited JNRM, ANIIMS, DBRAIT and TGCE expressing his happiness. At TGCE, he garlanded the portrait of Gurudev Tagore and interacted with the Principal and faculty members. Certain problems were instantly settled by him for the benefit of the students. After the discussions, he made a visit of different infrastructural facilities available in the College and appreciated the facilities available. While visiting the Museum of the College, he appreciated the model of National Memorial Cellular Jail prepared by the trainees of the College.