Vehicle owners cautioned against violation of MV Rules

Port Blair
13 Nov 2018

The Directorate of Transport has observed that various provisions of MV Act & Rules are being frequently violated by the vehicle owners viz vehicles fitted with multi-toned horns giving a succession of different notes or producing unduly, harsh, shrill, loud or alarming noise, vehicle owners especially Stage Carriage Operators playing music systems in high volume causing inconvenience to the passengers onboard, distracting the driver and endangering the life of other road users, vehicles being plied under high beam causing inconvenience and danger due to dazzling light and exorbitant charging of autorickshaw fares without using fare meters.
The violations has been viewed seriously and vehicle owners advised to refrain from such practices and comply strictly with the Provisions laid down under MV Act & Rules. Strict penal actions/challan shall be made against erring vehicle owners. Autorickshaw Permit holders are finally warned that repeated violations will warrant actions for cancellation of permits. The general public have been advised to send their complaints regarding exorbitant charging/ refusal to ply autorickshaw to the Secretary (Transport), Director (Transport) or Secretary (STA), Directorate of Transport mentioning the registration number of Autorickshaw with details of complaint or the complaints can be / registered in helpline Nos. 03192- 240059/240062/230259, Traffic Section 243812 or Whatsapp No. 9531905403, 9531802228.