Vehicle thefts hot on city’s crime chart

Report by: 
Port Blair
22 Jun 2017

34 year old, Senthil, a resident of Pathergudda, woke up with a jolt on Wednesday to discover that that his motorcycle has been stolen from his residence. Unidentified person(s), probably using duplicate keys, decamped with his vehicle purchased a few months ago. Senthil rushed to the Police to register a complaint and learnt that automobile thefts have registered a sharp rise in the residential areas of the city. His vehicle was, later, found abandoned at Sippighat around five kilometres away from his residence.
Despite intensive vigil and night patrolling by the Andaman and Nicobar Police, vehicle thefts particularly by juveniles have witnessed an alarming rise in the recent months. Attributed to rapid urbanisation, the worrying trend has also brought to fore the urgent need to further intensify night patrols by the Police during night hours or form an anti-motor vehicle theft cell to curb the crime. Even plunder of vehicle accessories like batteries have been reported from some parts of the city recently.
“As many motorists in the city don’t have parking spaces in their residences, they park their vehicles at a distance away from their homes. Burglars take advantage of this situation. Be it day or night, they successfully execute such thefts using duplicate keys. In many cases, people don’t report such cases to the Police owing to cumbersome procedures involved,” said a resident of Garacharma.
“Theft of vehicles are on a steady rise in areas where population is growing at a fast pace like Dollygunj, Bhatu Basti, Garacharma etc. In most of the theft cases cracked by the Police, the culprits were found to be in the age group of 10-14 years. They unlock the vehicle using duplicate keys and drive the vehicle till the fuel exhaust and later abandon them. It’s a mischief more than crime. In some cases, vehicle owners found spares like batteries, gear boxes etc stolen from their vehicles. The Police should take immediate measures to curb the menace of thefts in the city,” said some residents of Dollygunj.