Visitors berate poor maintenance of play equipments at Marina Park

Report by: 
Port Blair
15 Jun 2017

Poor maintenance of play equipments in the city’s most prominent Park is inviting sharp criticism for the civic body. Marina Park located in the heart of the city is thronged by hundreds of tourists and locals particularly during weekends. The vicinity of the Marina Park offers elderly an excellent walk trail, while children prefer to play inside the Park. But owing to the apathy of the civic body towards ensuring repair and maintenance, majority of the children play equipments remains in an awful state. According to reports, incidents of children suffering injuries due to the damaged installations are also on the rise.  
Play equipments, which should have been swaying in the evenings with kids on board, remain deserted in the Park as majority of them have been damaged due to poor maintenance. Other play equipments like slides, see-saws etc installed in the Park have also met the same fate. Some tourists who visited the Marina Park recently have expressed resentment over the ill-maintained amusement facilities at the Park. “After touring different parts of the city, tourists prefer to spend some quality time at the Marine Park along with their children. We too wanted to leave our wards to play at the park, but were shocked to notice the damaged play equipments which pose a serious threat to children of being injured. ‘Under repair’ signs have been pasted on the damaged installations, but still children try to use the facilities. During the visit, we learnt that many children have suffered injuries at the Park recently,” said Manik Das of Kolkata.
“The civic body has failed to upkeep of a prominent Park under its control. Almost all the amusement facilities at Marina Park are in poor shape and children are left with no other option than to stay idle while visiting the park. Our children now prefer to stay back home watching TV than to visit Marina Park due to the state. It appears the children don’t make it to the priority list of the Municipal Council. The Lt. Governor should issue necessary instructions to the civic body to ensure immediate repair and maintenance of the amusement facilities,” said some parents.