World Yoga Day celebrated befittingly by Coast Guard

Port Blair
21 Jun 2018

To commemorate the 4th international Yoga Day, Indian Coast Guard conducted mass yoga sessions all over Isles including remote stations at Diglipur, Campbelbay, Hutbay, Kamorta and Mayabandar. The mass yoga sessions were in line with the vision of Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi towards spreading importance of yoga globally for both physical and mental wellbeing of the individuals.
Headquarters Coast Guard Region (A&N) at Port Blair celebrated the Yoga Day at Coast Guard premises on 21 Jun 18. More than 200 CG personnel and families including children actively participated in the session with great enthusiasm and eagerness for practicing the yoga.
Yoga instructors Miss Dhanalaxmi and Miss P Madhuri from Ayush conducted yoga session and also enlightened the gathering on the benefits of yoga and its healing power against life style and stress related diseases. They emphasised on regular practice of yoga to achieve a sound mental, physical and intellectual health and experience the sense of oneness within self. During yoga sessions various “MUDRAS”, “ASANAS” and “SURYA NAMASKAR” were practiced.