DM, officials walk to office as part of austerity measure suggested by CM

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18 Jul 2018

As a measure to curtail the cost the administrative officials of the district including the district magistrate Arvind Meena attended the offices on foot today.
The austerity measure would continue once every week, the DM said.
The district administrations resolved to refrain from using the government vehicles after the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee urged all officials to adopt austerity measure to save the public fund.
“I walked to my office from my quarters today. All other officials did so. We are trying to save as much expenses of the government as possible. Henceforth, we would not avail cars for attending the offices on every Wednesday,” Meena said.
The DM also said that along with observing ‘walk to office’ programme once a week, the block administrations were also asked to curtail unnecessary costs of different sorts.
“The block development officers (BDOs) have been asked not to visit the district headquarter on official purposes unless it is extremely necessary. We would hold video conferences with the block administrations to discuss the issues. We believe that that would save cost and contribute to battle against pollution,” he said.
The DM has also asked the officials to host programmes at minimum cost. “The refreshments should be restricted to tea and biscuit only. Flower bouquet and garlands must be avoided at any public ceremony held at the cost of the government,” he added.