Two arrested for `helping' Naxals who blew up police vehicle in Dantewada

26 May 2018

Two Naxal sympathisers were arrested today for allegedly providing help to the rebels who blew up a police vehicle in Chhattisgarh's Dantewada district last week, killing seven personnel, police said.
Naresh Telam (31) and Kamlesh alias Podia Midiami (20) were arrested from the Kirandul police station area, Dantewada superintendent of police Kamal Lochan Kashyap told news agency PTI. The two allegedly provided logistical support to senior Naxal cadres Jailal, Gundadhur and Guddi who executed the May 20 attack, he said. Seven policemen died when Naxals blew up their SUV between Cholnar and Kirandul.
Telam and Midiami, who acted as couriers for the Maoists, allegedly supplied the electric wire and batteries used to make the explosive device besides providing the commodities of daily use to the Naxal team which carried out the attack, Kashyap said. During interrogation, the duo have provided some crucial details about Maoist activities in Perpa, Pirnar, Madkamiras, Gumiyapal, Hiroli, Aalnar and Cholnar areas, and more arrests are likely, the SP said.