Sons of Azam, Rampur's nawab lodge police complaints against each other

8 Jul 2017

The sons of Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan and Rampur's titular Nawab Kazim Ali Khan have lodged police complaints against each other, alleging physical attacks and conspiracy to murder. Kazim's son, Hamza Mian, yesterday lodged a police complaint alleging that legislator Abdullah Azam and his associates attacked him (Hamza) using firearms and stones. He claimed his car was also damaged by the attackers. Inspector in-charge Manoj Kumar Singh told reporters today that seven persons including Abdullah, the son of Azam Khan, have been booked. The Samajwadi leaders also lodged a complaint last evening against five persons, including Kazim and Hamza, accusing them of conspiring to kill Abdullah. Kazim is a member of Bahujan Samaj Party. He is a former legislator and has been a member of the Congress and Samajwadi Party in the past. Abdullah, an MLA from Swar Tanda constituency, alleged, "I defeated Nawabzada (Kazim) in the recent Assembly election with a record margin. My family's lives are in danger."  Meanwhile, Kazim's wife Shah Bano alleged that the former minister wanted to kill her husband and son. She claimed it was due to jealousy as Kazim's father, Zulfekar Ali Khan, represented Rampur in Lok Sabha repeatedly and his mother, Begam Noor Bano, was elected to Lok Sabha twice. She said Azam had repeatedly been saying that he would end the "glory and symbols" of nawabs, and alleged that some miscreants had once attacked their palace with an intention to kill her husband. Azam had, in the past, demolished the several gates erected by the royal family in the city over the years, saying no symbols of the nawabs should remain.(PTI)