Another elderly man found abandoned by family at Rangat

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28 Nov 2017

As statistics stand testimony that the traditional family system is gradually eroding from the Indian society, increasing number of cases of elderly parents being abused and abandoned in these islands is coming to light. After EOI reports of Paresh Chander Bepari and Ganesh, another old man was found wandering in the streets of Rangat in Middle Andaman begging for food and other articles. Though the identity of the person could not be ascertained, locals say that the elderly citizen is being noticed in the region for the past few months. However, none of the agencies concerned have come forward to help the old man.
“The feeble old man can be found roaming in the streets of Rangat everyday. He asks for food from shopkeepers and rests on the pavement. It appears that the person has been abandoned by his family and is mentally disturbed. He even doesn’t have a shelter in the region and sleeps outdoor in the night. Residents here are quite upset seeing at the condition of the elderly person and are expecting the Social Welfare Department to come forward and shift him to the Old Age Home at Port Blair,” says Muthu, a shopkeeper of Rangat.