Badminton & Table Tennis Tournament for Rangat Students held

5 Oct 2017

Education Department, Rangat has organised U-14(Boys & Girls), U-17(Boys & Girls) and U-19(Boys & Girls) Inter School Badminton and Table Tennis Knockout   Tournament  for Rangat Educational Zone at various  venue from 03rd to 05rd October, 2017. The final matches were played today. Mr.  V. Anand, Senior Pay and Accounts Officer, Rangat, Middle Andaman was the Chief Guest lauded the boys and girls  and distributed the Prizes. The results are as follows:-
TABLE TENNIS: U-19(Boys) Single-Winner - Mandeep Singh , GSSS Oralkatcha, Runner up - Rizas Ahmed, GSSS Sabari Jn. U-19(Boys) Doubles-Winner - Mandeep Singh & Mukesh Toppo , GSSS Oralkatcha, Runner up - Rizas Ahmed & Siddharth Rana, GSSS Sabari Jn. U-19(Girls) Single-Winner - Payal Kumari , GSSS Oralkatcha - Runner up – B. Kavitha, GSSS Long Island. U-19(Girls) Doubles-Winner - Payal Kumari & Ankita, GSSS Oralkatcha, Runner up - Lobina Bright & Susmita, GSSS Rangat. U-17(Boys) Single-Winner - Fransis Tete, GSSS Rangat, Runner up - Pawan Kumar, GSSS Sabari.Jn.       U-17(Boys) Doubles-Winner – Rohit Roy &  Mitun Kumar Biswas, GSS Nimbutala – Runner up - Pawan Kumar & Ismail, GSSS Sabari Jn. U-17(Girls) Single - Winner - Baby Bala, GSSS Rangat - Runner up - Suhashini, GSSS Sabari Jn. U-17(Girls) Doubles Winner - Baby Bala & Pibasha , GSSS Rangat, Runner up -Suhashini & Urvarsi, GSSS Sabari Jn. U-14(Boys) Single -Winner - Rohit Biswas, GSSS Rangat- Runner up  - Ismail ,GSSS Sabari.Jn. U-14(Boys) Doubles - Winner- Sumit Dhanwar & Ankit  GSSS Long Island, Runner up – Rohit Biswas & Ajit , GSSS Rangat. U-14(Girls) Single Winner – Deepanjali Sarkar, GSS Nimbutala, Runner up - Urvarsi, GSSS Sabari Jn. U-14(Girls) Doubles Winner - Deepanjali Sarkar & Megha Biswas, GSS Nimbutala
BADMINTON: U-19(Boys) Single - Winner - R.Arun Pandian , GSSS Rangat, Runner up - Prakash Kumar , GSSS Kadamtala. U-19(Boys) Doubles Winner - Pravin Kumar & Jatin Barla, GSSS Swadeshnagar, Runner up - T.Pravin Kumar  & Sahil Nath , GSSS :Long Island. U-19(Girls) Single Winner – B Kavitha, GSSS Long Island, Runner up - Sristi  Kerketta, GSSS Oralkatcha, U-19(Girls) Doubles-Winner - Sristi  Kerketta & E.Kavita, GSSS Oralkatcha, Runner up - B Kavitha, & Vinitha, GSSS Long Island. U-17(Boys) Single Winner - Jayant Barla, GSSS CFO Nallah Runner up - Duti Venkata Karthikeyan, VKV Rangat        . U-17(Boys) Doubles - Winner - Jayant Barla, & Ankit  GSSS CFO Nallah, Runner up – Ritesha Kumar Toppo & T. Vinayaga, GSSS Sabari  Jn. U-17(Girls) Single Winner - Suhashini, GSSS Sabari Jn, Runner up - Surya Lakra, GSSS Bakultala. U-17(Girls) Doubles Winner - Suhashini & K.Urvarsi , GSSS Sabari Jn, Runner up - Monit Lakra & Anjana Barla, GSSS Swadeshnagar. U-14(Boys) Single Winner - Rohan Raj, VKZPV Basantipur, Runner up  - Sumit Dhanwar, GSSS Long Island. U-14(Boys) Doubles Winner - Sumit Dhanwar & Ankit GSSS Long Island, Runner up - Rama Rao & Nihal Prakash, GSS Shivapuaram. U-14(Girls) Single -Winner - Ishika Mondal, VKZPV Basantipur, Runner up - K.Kirtha , GMS Rangat Bay U-14(Girls) Doubles - Winner - Ishika Mondal & Mega Sashmal, VKZPV Basantipur, Runner up  - P.Neharkia  & Monalisha , GSSS Rangat