Benevolent residents undertake rural road project at Parnashala

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1 Jul 2018

Vexed over inaction by the concerned authorities, two residents of Rangat in Middle Andaman tried to set an example of sorts by taking up on their own construction of rural road at Parnashala here. Social worker, Mr Vupul Halder and BJP leader, Mr Bala Murugan resolved to provide relief for at least 10 families residing in the region and pressed themselves with tools and materials to construct  a rural road in their area, absence of which has been causing hardships to the villagers since long. Sources say the two donated money for purchase of road construction materials and hiring a Hitachi excavator for carving out the road stretch after works relating to bitumen laying will be carried out.
As per sources, the land for construction of the rural road from Vishnu house to Bagirath house at Parnashala was allotted more than 15 years ago. However, the concerned Panchayat till date failed to initiate the rural project  owing to which around 10 families in the area have been facing problems for the past more than a decade. “We were suffering from lack of basic facilities for the past several years. Pedestrians, as also motorists, have been facing the trauma since long and repeated appeals for construction of the rural road have been falling on deaf ears. Despite allotment of land, the authorities for unknown reasons ignored the need to undertake the rural road project as a result of which villagers have been living under extreme stress. We are deeply indebted to the two social workers, who contributed selflessly for purchase of materials and undertook the rural road project,” said some Parnashala villagers.