Biometric Attendance System fails to ensure punctuality in MA govt. offices

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16 Aug 2017

More than three years after being introduced by the government to do away with irregularities, ensure discipline and transparency in government offices, Biometric Attendance System has failed to achieve the desired results in government offices functioning in the Middle Andaman (MA) region - thanks to recurring technical glitches, poor maintenance of equipments and lack of supervision by seniors, forcing many of the agencies in the region to revert to manual attendance system. According to reports, Biometric Attendance installation in majority of the government offices in Middle Andaman are presently gone defunct owing to technical faults bringing to fore the urgent need to work out a new mechanism for effective functioning in government offices here. The situation is adversely affecting functioning of many government agencies and the general public  are demanding that a key official in each department should be entrusted the responsibility of supervising the presence of staff during office hours, according to reports.
“The introduction of the Biometric Attendance System has expected to bring remarkable changes in the functioning of government departments here. It was much anticipated that Biometric Attendance System will make certain that workers remain present in the offices till the end of office hours. But nothing of that has happened. Absenteeism of government officials is in full swing in almost all departments as the Biometric system in many offices here doesn’t work. The manual attendance system is in fact promoting absenteeism in the offices here and crucial public works are being delayed. Employees turn up to the offices only to record their presence in the attendance register and then bunk the office for the rest of the day. Heads of Departments here should appoint a key official to oversee staff presence during office hours,” said some residents of Parnashala.
“The top brass of the administration should issue a circular to Heads of various departments to ensure proper maintenance and operation of Biometric Attendant in government offices. Besides, a senior level officer should be assigned the responsibility to oversee staff presence during office working hours and conduct routine inspection in all sections of the department to make sure that all employees deliver services punctually and efficiently. Strict disciplinary action should be taken against employees resorting to absenteeism,” said some other residents of Rangat.