Blatant waste of power in MA govt. offices reported

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13 May 2017

While these islands is experiencing unprecedented power-cuts ever recorded in history, colossal waste of energy in government offices here has come to fore. According to reports, electrical appliances installed in almost all government departments operating in the Middle Andaman are found functioning from evening to late night hours after office closing hours. Despite the Power Department’s clarion call to general public and others, denizens here are facing the brunt of power waste in government offices particularly this season when supply demand rockets.
Sources claim almost every government agency functioning in Middle Andaman viz Zilla Parishad, Panchayat Offices, Revenue, Agriculture to name a few are glaring examples of power wastage. “ACs, fans, lights and other power equipment can be seen running without any staff  utilizing the facilities after office hours in these offices. Almost all power devices installed in government premises can be seen in operation without any staff in the chair. The power department’s call to save power, it seems, is meant only for the general public. It’s high time the government departments too are cautioned from wasting power,” said some residents of Rangat.
Residents demand that the Lt. Governor should issue a circular directing all government departments to judiciously use electricity during and after office hours. A mechanism should be worked out to ensure sensible use of power in government offices and departments found wasting power and exorbitant electricity bills should be punished appropriately. The move, if taken, will go a long way in ensuring thoughtful use and uniform supply of power in these islands, they say.