Commuters decry ‘bolted’ toilets at Yeretta Jetty

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14 Jul 2017

While the government endeavors to make India free from open defecation by construction of toilets and spur sanitation, closed toilets at Yeretta Jetty reveals the slack efforts of the local agencies in this direction. Hundreds of commuters ferry between Long Island and other parts of Middle Andaman using the Yeretta Jetty on a daily basis to attend offices and other works, but the toilets, which have remained locked for the past more than a year, forces them to urinate in open places near the Jetty.
According to reports, the toilet facility was constructed by the Andaman Lakshwadweep Harbour Works, Rangat Bay division. But after one year of completion, the two separate toilets, one each for male and female, have not been opened for public use for reasons best known to the authorities. “The very purpose of constructing the toilets using government funds stands defeated if they are not opened for public use. Yeretta Jetty is used by hundreds of commuters in the Middle Andaman and lack of the basic facility has become a cause of concern. The authorities should take immediate note of the situation and open the toilets for the commuters,” said some residents of Rangat.