Elders condemn delay in disbursement of pension

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19 Mar 2017

Unwarranted delay in disbursement of old age pension is drawing flak for the local administration. According to reports, several beneficiaries in Middle Andaman region have not received the monthly pension in their bank accounts for the past two months. The agitated senior citizens in the area are now demanding intervention of the Member of Parliament for immediate disbursement of the pension.   
“Delay in disbursement of old age pension and other monetary benefits from various schemes of the government has become a recurring phenomena. It’s now more than two months that the old age pension has not been released in the bank account of beneficiaries here. Many of us are dependant on the monthly pension to livelihood and such delays cause immense hardships. In the year 2016, the administration acted promptly after the intervention of the Member of Parliament following complaints about non-disbursal of pensions to beneficiaries viz old age, destitute, widow and handicapped. After instructions from the Chief Secretary, the Social Welfare Department released the pending payments to the pensioners through PFMS (Public Finance Management System). We hope that the Member of Parliament will come to our rescue this time too,” said some senior citizens of Rangat.