EOI IMPACT: Toilets at MB District Court cleaned by staff

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8 Feb 2019

Taking swift action on the report published in this daily, the staff of District Court at Mayabunder, the headquarter region of the North & Middle Andaman district, undertook a ‘Swachhta’ drive to sanitize the filthy toilets in the Court complex. Following orders from the top brass, all employees in the Court cleaned the toilets using disinfectants a couple of days ago. An advisory has also been circulated to all staff, lawyers and litigants to maintain hygiene in the Court complex, as per sources.
EOI recently reported about the filthy toilets in the premises of the District Court at Mayabunder becoming a nasty sight every morning for litigants, lawyers and staff. Dirty urinals, washbasins, damaged water taps and stained walls and floor tiles all painted red with tobacco stains had become an eyesore for people in the region.  Inaugurated in March 2018, the District Court at Mayabunder had witnessed no maintenance since then. Though some refurbishment had taken place in the recent months, toilets in the building remained neglected, EOI reported.