Govt. quarters in dire straits at Rangat

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26 May 2017

Though  home to several government institutions, dilapidated quarters and dearth of private rented accommodation has become a scourge for employees posted at Rangat in Middle Andaman. According to reports, almost all government quarters of various departments are in a decrepit state owing to lack of proper maintenance, while private homes are expensive that too in limited numbers. Employees of the Health Department posted at Rangat in particular are bearing the brunt of official apathy as almost all the quarters in Medical Colony here are falling to pieces forcing them to dole out extra money on private rented accommodations.
“When placed on transfer or posted to Rangat, we expect allotment of government accommodation. But after reporting for duty, we realize the hardships we’ll have to face during the tenure. All the 10   wooden government quarters at Medical Colony here are in a dilapidated state, some of them are in almost ruins. The accommodation facilities are completely unlivable as they can come down crashing any moment. Those who dare to occupy the quarters abandon them within days and shift to private accommodations. Moreover, many abandoned spaces are used by anti-social elements to execute unlawful activities like gambling, boozing etc, while some  have become heaven for stray animals. Lack of regular maintenance has turned these quarters to a virtual hell. The administration should take necessary steps to demolish all the dilapidated structure and reconstruct RCC accommodation facilities for the employees of the health department posted here,” said some employees.