Idle LPG truck draws flak for Priya Indane

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3 Jan 2018

Even as several hamlets in the North and Middle Andaman region suffer for  erratic supply of LPG refills, a laid-off distribution truck parked for the past three months with empty cylinders near Rangat bridge exposes the inertia of the authorities towards taking corrective measures in the interest of remote villagers. According to reports, the truck of the LPG supply agency, Priya Indane, which suffered breakdown, has remained unattended and abandoned with truckload of empty cylinders, while hundreds of consumers of the agency continue to reel under  recurring shortage of LPG refills.
“This LPG supply truck of Priya Indane is parked here for the past three months with more than 300 empty cylinders on board. But the agency has taken no steps to get the vehicle repaired and press back into service. An LPG truck loaded with cylinders for increases the risk of mishaps as there are many houses and schools located in the vicinity. More the laxity of the agency in pressing back the vehicle into service is causing untold hardships to consumers in the region, who have been suffering from irregular supply of refills for the past several months,” said some residents of Rangat.
The Manager of CCS Rangat confirmed that the vehicle belongs to Priya Indane. “The agency should immediately deploy its staff to repair the vehicle and press it back into service to restore normal supply of LPG refills,” he suggested.