Inflated lease rates draw flak for MA Panchayats

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9 May 2017

Steep rates for lease of cooking utensils, chairs, taurpalin, pipes, plates, dakchi, kadai etc by Panchayats in Middle Andaman is earning criticism for the local elected bodies in the region. According to reports, almost all panchayats in the region have prescribed their own set of rates for hire of the items required for social functions generating resentment among villagers.
“It’s a clear abuse of powers by the panchayat bodies to fleece extra money from poor villagers of this region. While the items are being provided free of cost to temples on various occasions, villagers are forced to dole out extra money on hiring of the items. Every panchayat has fixed different rates for lease of the items, which ordinary villagers can’t afford. The top brass of the administration should take strong note of the situation and issue necessary directions to the panchayats here to fix uniform rates for hire of the items,” demanded some villagers of Rangat.