Lack of parking space at CHC Rangat creates resentment

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24 Apr 2017

Lack of parking space at a crucial health facility has become a concern in the Middle Andaman region. The Community Health Centre at Rangat, which caters to the healthcare requirements to a sizeable population in the region, has started adding to traffic woes as visitors to the health care are left with no other option but to convert space available along the arterial road into parking slots.
“For a major health facility like CHC Rangat, lack of parking facility is totally unbecoming of the concerned government agencies. Hundreds of patients along with their relatives visit the hospital on a daily basis and devoid of space for parking their vehicles, they are left with no other option but to utilize the road space. The practice  has now started creating traffic chaos in the area near the health facility. The vehicular population in Middle Andaman region has witnessed a surge in the recent years and the Health Department should consider developing the space available inside the CHC’s premise into parking lots,” said some residents of Rangat.