LPG crisis back to haunt MA consumers

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19 Feb 2018

Erratic supply of refills of the essential cooking gas continues to inconvenience consumers in different villages in the Middle Andaman region. According to report, majority of the hamlets in and around Rangat have not received LPG refills for the past two months forcing homemakers to turn to firewood to keep their kitchen fires burning.
According to reports, consumers in the Middle Andaman region have been deprived of LPG refills for the past two months. Though, the principal agency, Consumer Cooperative Society Limited assured consumers in the region to supply the refills within 30 days, but has failed to keep its commitment in ensuring timely supply of the essential commodity to consumers in the region. “Consumers in remote villages here are bearing the brunt of inconsistent supply for the past two months. LPG cylinders in many households here have exhausted and the agency has failed to arrange the refills for consumers for the past two months. The CCS should take immediate steps to ensure regular distribution of LPG refills here,” said some irate villagers of Rangat.
The In-charge of the gas distribution agency, however, assured to supply the refills within a week. Requisition has already been sent to the head office and consumers in different villagers here will be supplied cooking gas within the next 7 days, he said.