MA residents decry lack of toilet facility at ship ticketing counter

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14 May 2017

While the UT Administration has initiated many projects for construction of public toilets under the flagship scheme of Swachh Bharat Mission, lack of the facility is impeding the mission at Rangat in Middle Andaman. According to reports, hundreds of ship passengers are forced to have a harrowing time waiting for hours to purchase tickets at the STARS Ticketing Counter here in the absence of the facility. While men urinate in open spaces nearby, women from different parts in the Middle Andaman region are facing the brunt of the deficiency in the ticketing counter here.
“Lack of public toilet at the ticket counter has become a major source of concern for the population here. Hundreds of  people from different villages here stay lined up the counter to purchase tickets for Chennai, Kolkata etc on a daily basis. The numbers swell up during the summer vacations. But due to the absence of the facility, people can be seen urinating in the open. The stench emanating from the area near the counter has made life miserable for the people. Women are the most affected as they have to endure long waiting hours in the absence of the facility. The authorities concerned should take immediate steps to construct a public toilet in ticketing counter here,” said some residents of Rangat.