Man assaulted at Bakultala Subash Mela; villagers blame ZP N&M Up-Adhyaksh

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9 Feb 2019

A young girl and his uncle sustained serious injuries when a drunken hooligan attacked them on the last day of the Subash Mela at Bakultala on Friday. The Subash Mela at Bakultala that commenced on 1st February 2019, culminated yesterday. On the last day of the Mela, a mammoth crowd came to witness the mela. As Police security was invisible, incidents of eve teasing became rampant at the Mela site. Hooligans and anti-social elements were seen indulging in various anti-social activities. The hoodlums in groups were seen sitting at the corner and some particular points and hurled indecent remarks at the girls witnessing the mela.  The anti-social elements were also seen indulging in socially unacceptable behaviour
Sources told EOI that the hands of the Police were tied by Mr Anil Bepari, Up-Adhyaksh, N&M Andaman, who passed on verbal instructions to the Police to maintain distance from the Mela and not to enter the Mela premises. Earlier, the Police team from PS Rangat finding that the Subash Mela Committee is allowing the loud speakers to run beyond the permissible time limit of 10.30 pm, tried to stop the operation of loud speakers. On the instructions of the Up-Adhyaksh, Police team was not able to depute at the venue to ensure security inside the mela ground. Finding no presence of Police inside the mela ground, some miscreants and anti-social elements tried to indulge in eve teasing and one drunken man molested a young girl who was witnessing the mela, along with her uncle. The uncle of the girl tried to confront the drunken hooligan who then stabbed him with a knife, injuring the man. When some bystanders tied to catch him, he ran away. A complaint was, later, registered at PS Rangat against the attacker. Police team from PS Rangat and Out Post, Bakultala are on the hunt for the attacker who is still at large till the report was filed by this Correspondent.