Middle Andaman residents demand speed humps near schools on NH-223

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2 Mar 2017

With execution of the National Highway-223 project fast-tracked, demands have spiked up for installation of speed bumps near schools along the Andaman Trunk Road in the Middle Andaman region. Majority of the educational institutions in the region don’t have speed-breakers installed in front of the school entrance amplifying the risk of road mishaps particularly in view of the burgeoning vehicular population and heavy vehicles gushing at high speeds on the highway.
According to reports, almost every school in Middle Andaman viz CFO Nallah School, Padmanabapuram, Swadesh Nagar School, Shivapuram School etc are without speed-breakers near the entrance gates. Students face problems and often risk lives crossing the ATR road mainly during school opening and closing hours during which long-distance passenger buses commute at breakneck speeds. “The ATR road stretch at Middle Andaman has become vulnerable to road accidents in the recent months with sharp increase in the number of vehicles.
Development of the National Highway is likely to add to the woes of the residents here. Drivers of passenger buses, cargo vehicle, private cars etc all drive at breakneck speeds sending shivers down the spines of the pedestrians on the roads here. Students in almost all the government schools here are the worried lot,” said some residents of Betapur.
“While the move of the Central Government to expeditiously develop the National Highway - 223 is welcome as it will reduce the travel time considerably, safety aspects should also taken care of. Installation of speed-breakers near schools along the highway will compel the motorists to slow down their vehicles and will help prevent untoward incidents. The government can rope in modern technology in this regard. Creating 3D optical illusion at vulnerable points along with the highway can also be considered. They are speed-breakers with a third dimension but not in physical form. Motorists experience the optical illusion of a speed barrier on the road, and tend to slow down, improving road safety at accident-prone spots. Such radical steps, if taken, will make commuting even more safer on the national highway,” said a resident of Rangat.