Mishaps involving stray cattle on the rise at Rangat

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6 Jan 2017

It’s not just bad roads or drunken driving that are causing road accidents at Rangat and adjoining areas in Middle Andaman. Stray cattle and canines too have become a potential threat for motorists, especially in arterial stretch of the Andaman Trunk Road. Despite repeated warnings by the Panchayat bodies, livestock owners in the region continue to allow their animals to stray on the main roads day in and day out leading to a sharp rise in the number of road accidents in the region.

According to reports, cattle roaming around, sitting right in the middle of main roads, have become a common sight in the Middle Andaman region mainly Rangat and pose a threat to the safety of both commuters and animals due to the increased risk of road accidents particularly during the evening hours. In the past few days, several motorists have suffered serious injuries due to the presence of stray animals on the main roads.

"We were passing by the Rangat bridge around 8 pm recently when a truck hit a cow which was sitting on the main road. The cow was bleeding profusely after the accident and we immediately called for help. Presence of stray cattle on the main road has become a serious cause of concern as it risks the lives of both commuters and the animals,” says Ram Lal of Dasharathpur. “Instances of stray cattle and dogs becoming a cause of accidents have increased particularly during the night hours. The Andaman Trunk Road witnesses heavy traffic which includes passenger buses, cargo trucks etc and due to stray cattle squatting on the centre of the main road, several accidents have been reported in the recent months. Many two wheeler riders have suffered serious injuries due to the menace, while four-wheelers and heavy vehicles suffered damages. The authorities should take necessary action to contain the danger posed by stray animals here,” said Kamal of Parnashala.

According to the Panchayat authorities, cattle owners of the area are routinely advised to refrain from letting their animals stray on the main roads. “Despite warnings issued to the cattle owners, they release their animals day and night and do not monitor their movements. In many cases, animals have also met with serious injuries after accidents. At times, the cows fall sick after eating hazardous stuff or getting wet in the rain. The Panchayat is mulling over taking serious steps to control the menace of stray cattle,” said a Panchayat official.