Oil tanker veers off road at Kaushalya Nagar

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11 Sep 2017

A major tragedy was averted on Sunday when an oil tanker loaded with petroleum products met with an accident reportedly due to treacherous turns and battered road at Kaushalya Nagar in Middle Andaman. The mishap occurred at around 3.10 pm when the driver of the truck, belonging to Indian Oil Corporation, lost control over the vehicle. No one was reportedly injured in the mishap.
According to sources, the driver of the vehicle identified as Abdul Aziz, 41 years, resident of Wright Myo, Bambooflat was driving in a rash and negligent manner. While heading towards Rangat, Abdul Aziz lost control and the vehicle (AN01K9172) veered off the road at Kaushalya Nagar. The driver, however, managed to prevent the vehicle from overturning. A case has been registered at Police Station, Rangat.