Old, rickety private buses trouble commuters in N&M region

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26 Jul 2017

Travelling in old rickety private buses, facing frequent breakdowns has become a scourge for commuters in the North and Middle Andaman. According to reports, majority of the private buses plying in different routes of the region have become obsolete, well past their service span, but for reasons best known to the authorities, the private buses are allowed to operate causing hardships to commuters.
“Almost all the private buses operating in the North and Middle Andaman region have become old and in poor condition. The buses suffer frequent breakdowns during the trip and passengers reach their destinations several hours after the schedule. Moreover, the private buses don’t provide basic facilities to passengers like water etc. Windows of many private buses here are damaged and it is unsafe to travel on these islands. The administration should take steps to phase out old private buses and introduce new and modern ones in the interest of passengers,” said a resident of Rangat.