Patients rue shortage of doctors, life saving machines at CHC Rangat

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15 Feb 2019

After this publication published a news story on suffering of patients due to shortage of Doctors in Community Health Centre, Rangat, the Director of Health Services through urgent wireless message directed the Doctor attached to PHC Billiground to immediately report to CMO, CHC, Rangat. Despite instruction from the DHS, the doctor has not yet reported for duty disobeying the order of the DHS. The groundwork of all happiness is good health. Yet, shortage and uneven distribution of qualified doctors have deprived better health care facilities to hundreds of islanders. A similar situation has been reported from a crucial health facility in Middle Andaman. Lack of sufficient allopathic doctors at Community Health Centre, Rangat, for the past many days, has started taking a toll on residents in the Middle Andaman region.
“Shortage of doctors at the Community Health Centre here has always been taking a toll on villagers of Rangat and other parts of Middle Andaman. For a big population in Middle Andaman, the CHC has always lagged behind in providing efficient services. Villagers from extremely remote parts in the region are forced to return back to their homes due to the deficiency purely for administrative indifference. Albeit sanctioned posts, the UT Health Department has failed miserably to post two senior allopathic doctors for the Health Centre. Residents here are in a state of extreme unrest demanding immediate posting of two senior allopathic doctors,” said some residents of Rangat.
The CHC is also facing acute shortage of medical equipments and machines. The X-Ray machines is gone defunct and patients had to suffer run to other private hospitals for the getting their X-Ray. The Chief Medical Officer, CHC, Rangat for long has been sending request to the Health Department for installation of dialysis machine as patients ailing from kidney aliments had to run either to Baratang hospital or Mayabunder hospital.     
Unlike the government hospitals in State governments of the country, people in Andaman and Nicobar Islands enjoy totally free healthcare facilities from government hospitals. The Directorate of Health Services runs three District Hospitals, four Community Health Centres, Five Urban Health Centres, one AYUSH Hospital, 22 Primary Health Centres and many Health Sub Centres in these islands. Community Health Centres are bigger health provider units than PHC's being mid-sized hospitals with a staff strength of more than 35 staffs in each. Each Community Health Centre has 40-70 beds with more upgraded infrastructure as compared to PHC's. PHCs are full-fledged hospitals with a staff strength of about 25 staffs in each which includes Doctor(s), Nurses, ANMs, lab technicians, pharmacists, X-Ray technician and other support staff. Each PHC has at-least 10-15 beds, Operating theatre(s), Small Laboratory, X-Ray.